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A unique recording studio focusing on audio mastering and short run record production. Lathe cut records.

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Name *
a number you make up (ie PCR-010) to help keep track of everything. include this number in your payment memo, audio files (ie PCR-010 A.wav), and print files (ie PCR-010 labels.pdf)
for HIFI cuts only, choose 33 or 45 RPM LOFI cuts are 33 RPM only 45 RPM limits: 7" under 4:30 per side 10" under 12:00 per side 12" under 15:00 per side
Would You Like A Test Cut? *
test cuts are optional, but suggested for those unfamiliar with lathe cuts. they will be sent before the order, to confirm you'd like to move forward. one song, 5:00 or less, test cut label. 2-3 weeks production from payment of test fee. $7 for lofi test cuts, $10 for hifi test cuts.
Which Add-Ons Would You Like? (if any)
current production time is about 8-10 weeks RUSH 3 week production time is available at a variable fee when available, based on workload, starting at $35.
full name (if not already included), street address, apartment/unit, city, state or province, and zip code

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