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A unique recording studio focusing on audio mastering and short run record production. Lathe cut records.

Digital Audio Mastering

It is this step in the project where a mastering engineer (normally a different person than the mix engineer) makes changes to the songs after the final mix. Giving an experienced listener the chance to fine tune a song one last time can be very helpful. Though some regard mastering as a black art, I like to simplify it to three categories.
1) song order and syntax
2) overall loudness and track volume
3) overall tone and track tone

If tracks were recorded in different studios, or simply ended up drastically different in volume after the mix, they must be corrected in level. This is a large concern with compilation albums. Similarly important is overall tone. If an album is wildly different in frequency content between tracks, it will be jarring.

My rates for mastering are $30 per song.
Please specify if the resulting masters will be used for CD/digital or vinyl record production
Delivery through email is about 1 week after payment is received.
Final delivery is in the form of 16 bit/44.1 kHz WAV files, either email or CD.
Higher sample rates are dependent on source files.
Compilations and other non-traditional projects, please be in touch about pricing.
Feel free to send an email with a track for a FREE mastering sample.

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