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unique recording services

A unique recording studio focusing on audio mastering and short run record production. Lathe cut records.

Production Clients

I have made lathe cut records, and cassettes for many independent bands and labels throughout the world. Here is a short list:
Broken World Media (CT)
Paper and Plastick (FL)
Run For Cover (MA)
Community Records (LA)
Too Far Gone Records (MA)
Square Of Opposition Records (PA)
Plan It X Records (IN)
Asbestos Records (CT)
Swamp Cabbage Records (FL)
Jump Start Records (PA)
Quiet Year Records (VA)
Kat Kat Records (PA)
GO! Records (OR)

The Hotelier - The Goodness pt. 1
Self Defense Family - Two Genuine Oddities From Our Past square 7"
The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die (CT) - gig life + mental health
Cloakroom - Lossed Over (tour lathe cut)
Plow United (PA) - Marching Band 7" (lathe cut version)
Old Gray (NH/CT) - The Artist 5" and Maybe... 7"
Caddywhompus - The Weight 10"
Dads (NJ) - Shit Twins 7" and Dank not Stank 7"
Frank Turner (UK)/ Franz Nicolay - Double Exposure 7" (lathe cut version)
Aspiga (NJ) - Don't Hurry Christmas 7"
Protagonist (FL) - x-ray lathe cut 7"
NAH - latherdisc (special laser disc, with record grooves cut into it)
Scrap Kids (PA) - I Just Want To Play In Living Rooms 7"

If you have any questions about specific records I may have made, feel free to drop me a line.

Recording/Mastering Clients
Take Nothing, Leave Everything - split with Monoliths 2014 recording/mixing/mastering
Jacket Thor - "My Ceremonial Life" - mastering
Take Nothing, Leave Everything - "Winter" 2014 - recording/mixing/mastering
Derive - "split" Winter 2013
Interrobang- Forge On - Winter 2013 mastering
The Hideout- Now Tom, Now Fall 2012 mastering (acoustic tracks)
Aaron Hibbert- "Just Keep Swimming" Summer 2012 recording/mixing/mastering
Among Giants - "Truth Hurts" Summer 2012 mixing/mastering
Scrap Kids- Spring 2012 “I Just Want To Play In Living Rooms” mixing/matering
Districts (their side of split with Regret, The Informer)- Spring 2012 tracking
Pocket Cat Records Compilation Volume 1 (mastering, 38 tracks, 2 discs)
Scrap Kids- Fall 2011 “All That I Can’t Be” mixing/mastering
Young Mountain- A Billion Times Around, Spring 2011 mixing/mastering
Atlas The Atom Smasher- Roots Gone Rotten, Spring 2011 mixing/mastering
Prisms- Salut, Winter 2011 mixing/mastering

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