Audio Geography Studios

unique recording services

A unique recording studio focusing on audio mastering and short run record production. Lathe cut records.

Logic Pro X - Recording/Mastering DAW
Focusrite Sapphire Pro-40 and Pro-24 audio interfaces

Tascam CD-A500 cassette recorder (x4)

Presto 6N record cutting lathes
Presto 1-D/1-C cutter heads
Presto 87-A disc cutting amplifier
Fairchild M-541 cutting head
Olson cutting head

VR T560 Stereo Record Cutting System x2
Technics SP-10 MKII turntable
Technics SP-15 turntable

UTurn Orbit (custom) for studio playback turntable, with Grado Cartridge
Audio Technica LP60
Technics SLQ3 with Grado Cartridge

AKG, Audix, Sennheiser, Alesis/Groovetubes, Shure, MXL microphones.

Monitoring by Adam, and Tannoy
Mackie Big Knob Studio Command System
Headphones by Bose
Sansamp VT Bass DI

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