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A unique recording studio focusing on audio mastering and short run record production. Lathe cut records.

Stereo HIFI Lathe Cut Records

HIFI cuts are stereo playback, lower surface noise, and more extended frequency response than regular lathe cuts. They are still made one at a time in real time, though with a different machine. They are clear, round only, 33 RPM or 45 RPM. The cost is higher, but the quality is unmatched for one-off or short run records.

(33 RPM up to 7:00 per side, 45 RPM up to 4:30)

One-Sided $8 each

Double-Sided (up to 5:00 sides) $9 each

Double-Sided (up to 7:00 sides) $10 each

10" HIFI
(33 RPM up to 15:30 per side, 45 RPM up to 12:00)

One-Sided $15 each

Double-Sided (up to 10:00 sides) $17 each

Double-Sided (up to 15:00 sides) $20 each

For 7" and 10", orders under 20 copies incur an additional $15 setup fee.

(33 RPM up to 20:00 per side, 45 RPM up to 15:00)

Orders of 1-3 copies $65 each

(including two labels, poly bag, cardstock cover sheet)

Orders of 4-9 copies:

One-Sided $22 each

Double-Sided (up to 15:00 sides) $30 each

Double-Sided (up to 20:00 sides) $40 each

Orders of 10+ copies:

One-Sided $20 each

Double-Sided (up to 15:00 sides) $28 each

Double-Sided (up to 20:00 sides) $38 each

Labels and inserts are priced based on quantity.

(single or double sided cut, 2:30 max)

Single Copy $20 each

(includes F+B printed insert)

Orders of 2-4 copies $12 each

(includes packaging, shipping is extra)

Orders of 5+ copies:

One-Sided $5 each

Double-Sided $5.50 each

Case included

Add $1 for printed cover, $1.50 for F+B printed

Special cuts made on the stereo machine:

Black blanks are available in multiples of 10, same price as clear

7" large hole, 45 RPM jukebox records (black) $25 each

7” large hole labels available for standard 7” label pricing (listed on packaging page)

10" 78 RPM hand crank playable records for victrola (clear, wide groove, playable with bamboo needles) $50 each

Please email with specific questions on these special cuts

HIFI Test Cuts

HIFI test cuts (7") are $15, with free shipping in the US.

One track (5 min or less), so you can hear the quality and aesthetic of this type of record.

If you want a full copy of the record to hear for a test, it will be regular price.

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